The Bank

Total 64380 gold pieces


64380 Gold Pieces


-1 x Flask of Alchemist’s Fire
-3 x Potion of Cure Light Wounds
-1 x Potion of Levitation
-1 x Potion of Lesser Restoration
-1 x Potion of Water Breathing
-1 x Potion of Fire Resistance
-3 x potion of invis
-1 x Oil of fumbling
-1 x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
-1 x Potion of Remove Fear
-1 x Potion delay poison
-1 x Potion blur
-1x Potion : resist 10 energy

-Scroll of Web
-Scroll with 2 unknown lvl 4 Sand Magic spells
-Scroll : protect from poison
-Scroll : silence x2
-Scroll : neutral poison x 2
-Scroll : remove disease
-Scroll : 4 spells : identify, knock, major image, shadowstep
-Scroll : 7 spells : Augury, speak with dead, invisibility to undead, control weather, Mnemonic Enhancer, Fly, Incendiary Could
-Scroll : 2 spells : Obscuring Mist/Detect Thoughts
-Scroll : 3 spells : Remove Sickness / Detect Undead / Web Shelter
-Scroll : arcane lvl 3
-Scroll 2 spells : 1/1 divine
-Scroll 3 spells : 1/2/3 divine

-Wand of detect secret doors and traps (48)
-Wand of detect magic (50)
-Wand of endure elements (45)
-Wand of Cure light wounds (26)
-Wand of Levitation (50)
-Wand of light (50)
-Wand of false life (50)
-Wand of restoration (50)


-Shortsword of Subtlety +1 (Peregrin)
-Adamant longsword +3 (Thorgrimm)
-Dwarven Waraxe +2 Orcbane (Elhorn)
-Dagger +1 (Caranthir)

-Sword of direction +1
-Staff of defense

-Holy Longsword +2
-Greataxe +2
-Everstriking sword
-Unholy Greatsword +2
-2x Mace +1
-Longsword +1
-Dwarven Longsword +1
-Shortbow +1 (Mighty +3) (?)
-Spear +1
-Longspear +1
-Masterwork hvy Mace
-Dagger +1


-Mithril chain shirt +2 (Peregrin)
-Large Steel Shield +1 (Elhorn)
-Light Dragonhide Shield +4 of Bashing (Thorgrimm)
-Breastplate +2 (Thorgrimm)
-2x Full plate +1 (Elhorn ? / ?)

-shield of improved electr resist 3
-Leather Armour +2
-hvy steel
2 shield : bashing, ghost touch, Cold resist, spell resist 15

-Leather Armour +1
-2x Breastplate +1
-2x Hvy shield +1
-Masterwork Giant-sized Lammellar Armour
-Masterwork full plate
-Masterwork Hvy Shield
-Black Dragonhide (zwarte mantels voor iedereen!)

Wondrous Items:

-Scarab of Protection (2 insight bonus to AC) (Caranthir)
-Bracers of Archery, Greater (Caranthir)
-Rod of Flailing (Thorgrimm)
-2x Bracers of Defence AB +4 (Mor & ?)
-Gauntlets of Dexterity +2 (Peregrin)
-Helm of Wisdom +4 (Elhorn)
-Cloak of charisma +4 (Elh → Mordred ? :p)
-Flying Carpet (Peregrin)
-Girdle of Giant Strength +2 (Peregrin)
-Slippers of spider climbing (Peregrin)
-Periapt of Wisdom +2 (Thorgrim)
-3x Arrow of Orc Slaying (Caranthir)
-Minor Luckstone +1 to saves (Thorgrim)
-Cloak of resist +1 (Thorgrim)
-Grounding boots (Thorgrim)

-Lens of Detection
-Wondrous : tome of Dex +5 (???)
-Circlet of blasting

-Campfire bead
-Hood of true seeing 3/day
-Cloak of resist +1
-Phylactery of Monstrous Attention
-Halo of Inner Calm
-Girdle of fem / masc
-Starry Gnosis

Rings :

-Ring of Protection +1 (Elhorn)
-Profane Ring (Thorgrimm)
-2x Ring of Protection +2 (Mor/Thor)
-Resistance ring +2 (mordred)
-Minor Ring of Spell Storing (Elhorn)
-Ring of wizardry I (mordred)

-Ring of Shooting Stars
-2x Ring of Protection +1
-Ring of meld into stone (27000g)


-A finely crafted statue picturing Waukeen and Timora (1000 gp)
-12 Ornate Pyramid miniatures


The Bank

The D20 Republic Agrippa