Dynter Wyrmcrusher

Half Orgre Barkeep


When Randal Morn reclaimed Daggerdale from the grasp of Zhentil Keep and restored order to the dale, the half-ogre Dynter turned the ramshackle building from an orc brawling pit into The Broken Dagger, a preferred place for mercenaries and adventurers to have a drink and share tall tales of victory. Dynter is an impressive figure, standing at a full 8 feet tall. He keeps an adamantine-shod great club on display in his bar, to discourage would-be trouble seekers. Dynter is aided by six human warriors, who once were members of the raiding organization known as the Tesh Tusks.


Dynter photo half-ogre_zps20576def.jpg

Dynter Wyrmcrusher

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