The D20 Republic

The Genie's Wager

Mystery in the Land of Fate

Al qadim land of fate

The party exited the mighty halls of the Dwarven fortress of Khundrukar, succesfully ending the reign of terror from Nightwing the Black Dragon. His formidable hoard looted they were greeted with free food, beer and lodging in the village of Blasingdale. Caranthir the Elf returned from his soulsearching with a young dire wolf…

The Vizier’s Turban

Awoke in Symbaya
Solved mystery, got the turban

The Stealing of the Steel

Off to Hiyal

meeting with pilgrim (+1 encounter bonus on weakest save)

meeting with pride of lions, near death for Moragg due to lousy communication :)
Lions are fearsome animals it seems…

Arrival at the Caravan

departure in boat

sinking of troop ship by pirates

faulty camels

poisoned food

both planned and executed by the cook, never trust a cook (cfr: Under Siege)
camels with a small parasitic animal, food with subtle yet effective poison

attack of Akura Ab-Hiyali – Dread pirate


Meeting with the leaders, great success



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