The D20 Republic

Slave Pits of the Undercity

Prison Break


Guided by mysterious visions, Thorgrimm leads his merry bands of adventurers West, to Dagger Falls, capital of Daggerdale and home to Randal Morn, Lord of Daggerdale. The adventurers arrive at a fortuitous time: Dagger Falls has narrowly escaped great calamity at the claws of a Red Wyrm, in league with the Zentharim. In full reconstruction, and absent able-bodied adventurers, our brave troop is set upon a quest to liberate a score of Greycloak POWs from the clutches of the Zentharim and their foul Orc mercenaries.

As their ranger friend is sent for re├»nforcements, they infiltrate a ruinous and decrepit temple at the heart of the Zentharim encampment. There, they battle foulest undead, ruthless mercenaries and a pair of winged insect-daemons. Among their victories also a priestess of Unholy Bane, and a sorceress bent on procuring slaves for purposes unknown. Moreover, their discover a bundle of notes and maps, detailing the Zentharim slavers’ operations in and around the Dales.

As the heroes burst from the temple – with the POWs in tow – their are greeted by a mounted host of Greycloaks. Together, they make short work of the unprepared mercenary forces. Upon returning to Daggerdale, the Lord Morn proclaims them Friends of Daggerdale, and swears an oath to return the favor, if and when the heroes should find themselves in need of an armed company.


O yea. Die zwaard-en-schild-dragende-neusbeer-insecten gaan het krijgen ! :)

Slave Pits of the Undercity

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