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Forge of Fury

Ancient treasures await


Forge of Fury

The two dwarven companions are on a mission to reclaim the riches from Khundrukar.
The secret stronghold was founded by Durgeddin the Black but has fallen in the hands of Vaagar the Cruel.

The party locates the stony tooth and enter the mountain fortress, killing orcs and ogres on their way down.
Once they enter Glitterhame, the discover that the forges are being operated by Duergar under the command of the Skull King, they kill the Skull King and his minions.

In one of the rooms, they find a beautiful woman and release her (see Idalla’s gift)

In the belly of the mountain they discover a underground lake, which appears to be the lair of a young back dragon, Nightwing.

They kill the young dragon, claim its scaly hide and any treasures that was still left in Khundrukar.

Mask of Fear

The iron mask from the Skull King, provides the wearer with +10 intimidation and cause fear 1/day. The mask is a cursed item and can only be removed with a remove curse spell or if the wearer is killed

Morrag the Witch has placed the mask on her face, and her alignment has shifted to Neutral Evil.

Art black dope girl mask 313571

Idalla’s Gift

In a library they discover a beautiful woman in a worn dress. She tells them that she has been trapped here by an evil mage and that she requires their permission to leave (true story). Thorgrim gives his permission, and with that the succubus was released. Before she teleported away, she gave Thorgrim a ring (Profane Gift +2 to an ability of choice) and a suggestion to never remove the ring. As long Thorgrim wears the ring, Idalla will be able to communicate with him across any distance (and may use her suggestion spell-like ability through it). The ring can only be removed with a dispel evil spell.



Bon, de draak stond dus op de doos :-)

Forge of Fury

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