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The tearing at the weave - part1

Cormyr  the tearing of the weave

Chapter 1: Temple of Mystra
The fellowship tricked their way into the temple of Mystra to discover what is amiss. They find out that the clerics offer “Mystra’s sacred trust” to travelers and other folk who aren’t likely to be missed. These folk are dominated after a long ritual; those with no magical talent are torutred to death or fed to monsters. The others are taken from the city to a location in the Vast Swamp.

Chater 2: Into the Vast Swamp
The PCs follow the trial on the map and encounter at the edge of the swamp some local lizardfolk – and a castle in the swamp where the dominated victems enter, but never leave.

Next up ..

Four times fifty living men,
(And I heard nor sigh nor groan)
With heavy thump, a lifeless lump,
They dropped down one by one.

Samuel Taylor ColeridgeRime of the Ancient Mariner

Rq1   night of the walking dead   cover

Slave Pits of the Undercity
Prison Break


Guided by mysterious visions, Thorgrimm leads his merry bands of adventurers West, to Dagger Falls, capital of Daggerdale and home to Randal Morn, Lord of Daggerdale. The adventurers arrive at a fortuitous time: Dagger Falls has narrowly escaped great calamity at the claws of a Red Wyrm, in league with the Zentharim. In full reconstruction, and absent able-bodied adventurers, our brave troop is set upon a quest to liberate a score of Greycloak POWs from the clutches of the Zentharim and their foul Orc mercenaries.

As their ranger friend is sent for re├»nforcements, they infiltrate a ruinous and decrepit temple at the heart of the Zentharim encampment. There, they battle foulest undead, ruthless mercenaries and a pair of winged insect-daemons. Among their victories also a priestess of Unholy Bane, and a sorceress bent on procuring slaves for purposes unknown. Moreover, their discover a bundle of notes and maps, detailing the Zentharim slavers’ operations in and around the Dales.

As the heroes burst from the temple – with the POWs in tow – their are greeted by a mounted host of Greycloaks. Together, they make short work of the unprepared mercenary forces. Upon returning to Daggerdale, the Lord Morn proclaims them Friends of Daggerdale, and swears an oath to return the favor, if and when the heroes should find themselves in need of an armed company.

The Genie's Wager
Mystery in the Land of Fate

Al qadim land of fate

The party exited the mighty halls of the Dwarven fortress of Khundrukar, succesfully ending the reign of terror from Nightwing the Black Dragon. His formidable hoard looted they were greeted with free food, beer and lodging in the village of Blasingdale. Caranthir the Elf returned from his soulsearching with a young dire wolf…

The Vizier’s Turban

Awoke in Symbaya
Solved mystery, got the turban

The Stealing of the Steel

Off to Hiyal

meeting with pilgrim (+1 encounter bonus on weakest save)

meeting with pride of lions, near death for Moragg due to lousy communication :)
Lions are fearsome animals it seems…

Arrival at the Caravan

departure in boat

sinking of troop ship by pirates

faulty camels

poisoned food

both planned and executed by the cook, never trust a cook (cfr: Under Siege)
camels with a small parasitic animal, food with subtle yet effective poison

attack of Akura Ab-Hiyali – Dread pirate


Meeting with the leaders, great success

Forge of Fury
Ancient treasures await


Forge of Fury

The two dwarven companions are on a mission to reclaim the riches from Khundrukar.
The secret stronghold was founded by Durgeddin the Black but has fallen in the hands of Vaagar the Cruel.

The party locates the stony tooth and enter the mountain fortress, killing orcs and ogres on their way down.
Once they enter Glitterhame, the discover that the forges are being operated by Duergar under the command of the Skull King, they kill the Skull King and his minions.

In one of the rooms, they find a beautiful woman and release her (see Idalla’s gift)

In the belly of the mountain they discover a underground lake, which appears to be the lair of a young back dragon, Nightwing.

They kill the young dragon, claim its scaly hide and any treasures that was still left in Khundrukar.

Mask of Fear

The iron mask from the Skull King, provides the wearer with +10 intimidation and cause fear 1/day. The mask is a cursed item and can only be removed with a remove curse spell or if the wearer is killed

Morrag the Witch has placed the mask on her face, and her alignment has shifted to Neutral Evil.

Art black dope girl mask 313571

Idalla’s Gift

In a library they discover a beautiful woman in a worn dress. She tells them that she has been trapped here by an evil mage and that she requires their permission to leave (true story). Thorgrim gives his permission, and with that the succubus was released. Before she teleported away, she gave Thorgrim a ring (Profane Gift +2 to an ability of choice) and a suggestion to never remove the ring. As long Thorgrim wears the ring, Idalla will be able to communicate with him across any distance (and may use her suggestion spell-like ability through it). The ring can only be removed with a dispel evil spell.


Opening : Horror On the Hill
fear the goblin..



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